The rules of the interview

Interviewing is something we’re very familiar with at ITAC Solutions. Whether you’re a new grad heading out on your first job hunt or a seasoned professional looking to make a change, there may be some things you are doing or aren’t doing that could be keeping the interviews from landing you the job. Follow these rules the next time you’re called in. Continue reading

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Don’t be a networking dud

You can do yourself huge favors by networking, and this time of year with so many holiday parties, gatherings and get togethers, many opportunities may arise for job seekers. But you have to network the right way. Going about it the wrong way can do more harm than good, so we compiled a list of some tips that will hopefully get you called in for an interview instead of being called a dud. Continue reading

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ITAC has a lot to be thankful for this year!

View of our new office from the outside patio at Vestavia Hills City Center

By Brian Pitts, Owner and Managing Partner

It’s been a great year so far for ITAC Solutions, and it’s not even over yet. In fact, the real fun is just beginning since we’re moving into our new corporate offices in the Vestavia Hills City Center tomorrow, which we are very thankful for. We know our growth is attributable directly to our clients. Continue reading

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Don’t blow your cover…..letter!

Last week we talked about what you should NOT do on your resume. This week, we’ve got some advice about what you SHOULD do when it comes to your cover letter. We read tons of them every day, so we have a pretty good idea about what works. Continue reading

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What NOT to do on your resume

We’ve seen it all when it comes to resumes – the good, bad and the ugly. Here are some tips about what you shouldn’t do unless you want your resume to go straight to the shredder. Continue reading

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Deciding if and when you need to hire

As an employer, one of your jobs may be to decide if and when to hire new staff members. This can be tricky with today’s economic up and downs. So how can you determine your company’s hiring needs and if they fit into your plan and budget? According to Business Insider, there are four ways to decide: Continue reading

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The ABCs of making a good first impression

Whether you are a first-time jobseeker or simply looking to change employers, the impression you make when meeting with a staffing firm recruiter is critical. Because you only get one first impression, spend as much time preparing for the interview with your staffing professional as you would with any other employer. But don’t panic! Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind. Continue reading

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