My best-kept secrets for recruiting top talent

By Brian Pitts, ITAC Founder and Managing Partner

I often get asked “Brian, since you are in the recruiting business, what are the best-kept secrets on recruiting the perfect IT Manager/CFO/Programmer/fill in the blank position because I really don’t want to pay a recruiter’s fee for this position?”

Anyone charged with the responsibility of bringing talent into his or her organization knows that this effort is part science, and part art. And it is a responsibility that all good companies take very seriously.

However, at ITAC we do not flatter ourselves that we have all the magic answers to recruiting that no one else can muster. So before I tell you some best-kept secrets for recruiting top talent, let me first share with you my worst-kept secret:  I am always keenly aware that our clients could handle their own recruiting IF they just had enough time to commit to it.  Yes, that’s a bit of a scary realization that our livelihoods in recruiting depend on the already over-crowded calendars of our clients! But it certainly keeps us humble, hungry and on our toes every single day.

So, we know you’ll seek us out if you if you are short on the time to find them yourselves, and you think we have all the best candidates.  However, here is my advice for when you have the time and the means to mount the recruitment undertaking for yourself:

  1. Establish good networking rigor by consistently sending out Linkedin invitations to everyone you meet, every single day. This allows you to tap into that large, active network of people that you connect with regularly.  In no time, you’ll have a large pool of colleagues with whom you can electronically turn to when that important role within your company needs filling.
  2. Make a point to cultivate ongoing relationships with good candidates, even when you don’t have positions available.  Set aside regular designated times each month to have lunch and/or coffee with a handful of these talented folks.  They will help you spread the word about your important job positions, and they’ll be first in line when you have the right job for them.
  3. Create strong referral reward programs within your company, and publically recognize those employees that go out of their way to refer good, quality candidates consistently.

Hopefully, one or more of these tips will resonate with you and your team, and help you gain more traction in the all-important recruitment needs that all businesses have.

Brian Pitts is the founder and managing partner of  ITAC Solutions, a fecruiting and staffing firm with offices in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Nashville. 

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