When it’s all about the Benjamins

Have you vowed to be more assertive in 2012?

If you’re in a position where you can start negotiating your salary for a job offer, there is definitely some advice we want to share with you.

We know you really want the job AND you want to feel like you’re being paid well. This can result in awkward situations.

Negotiating your compensation package can be a tricky task to tackle, but if you do it the right way with confidence the rewards can be worth it.

Here are our top 4 tips to remember if salary negotiations are in your future.

  1. Look like a million bucks – You might not be able to negotiate your way up to a salary of a million bucks, but you do need to look the part. Buy a new suit or professional outfit. Ladies, get a manicure and apply your make-up tastefully. Guys, trim your beard and comb your hair! Your employer will notice how great you look and you’ll feel more confident.
  2. Practice patience – You probably don’t want to bring up salary or start negotiating until after the job has definitely been offered to you. Be vague on your salary goals initially, and wait until you hear what the starting salary is.  But if the employer asks for your current or most recent pay, don’t skirt the question. Be direct and honest and know this may be the perfect time to address your salary goals.
  3. Inform yourself – Research the fair market value of the position you’re hoping to get. Find out what other companies are paying for this job  and how many other people might be competing for it. The concept of supply & demand plays a heavy role in negotiating your pay. You may not want to bring those specific numbers up, but it will help you know where things stand.
  4. Sell yourself – Prepare some talking points about your  professional accomplishments, skills and experience. What features should you highlight that are most impressive? Find your selling point and use it.  Remember, what you offer “The Business” has to carry enough value to justify your salary expectations.

If you don’t at least try to negotiate your salary, you’ll never know what might have been!

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