You have a personal brand. Yes, YOU!

By Charles Baughman, CAO, ITAC Solutions

All of you have a personal brand, whether you’ve carefully cultivated it, or it’s just happened to you. If you don’t believe that, Google your name and see what comes up.

For you jobseekers, finding the right employer is really all about the mesh of brands:  the company brand, and the individual’s brand, and what each get from the other.

This process of developing a personal brand is all about being intentional. You can either say, “My brand just happened” or “I took control.”

If you take control, you create an outward expression of who you are that people will understand because you were in charge.  And believe me, it shows when you are firmly in charge of your brand!

Employers have tons of resumes come across their desks.  What they really want to figure out is who the person is, and how they might fit into their organization.

Here’s a good example.  If you have five people with the same work experience, a typical employer will want to figure out who will mesh well and motivate the existing team. In other words, someone who will not just fit their needs but possibly push them to the next level.

Having a strong, intentionally created personal brand provides an employer with answers to those questions!

Speaking on behalf of the companies that hire us to find the right employees, we at ITAC also gravitate toward individuals who are involved in their community. I feel that this involvement demonstrates a passion for being connected to others and for helping others. That type of dedication catches our ear and grabs our attention.

It’s all about being true to yourself, as cheesy as that may sound. Heaven forbid you conjure an image of yourself that’s larger than you really are, only to find you can’t maintain and sustain it! You don’t want to be four weeks into a job and realize it’s not right for you.

Making sure you get the right fit is the ultimate goal of personal branding.  And you can’t fake a false brand for long.

Email me at if you’d like more direction or advice on creating a personal brand that will differentiate you. Or, feel free to reach out to one of our recruiters, who are experts at this sort of thing as well.

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