What NOT to do on your resume

We’ve seen it all when it comes to resumes – the good, bad and the ugly. Here are some tips about what you shouldn’t do unless you want your resume to go straight to the shredder.

  • Include glamour shots. We know you’re proud of them, but they don’t belong on a resume. Unless you’re actually a model or actress, you aren’t likely doing yourself any favors by including a photo.
  • Get too creative. Some people like to get really creative with taglines on their resumes. For example, we had someone who once placed “Doing so much with so little” on their resume. What does that even mean?
  • Use a crazy email address. Really consider the email address you put on your resume. HireMeOrElse@ymail.com is creative but also a little creepy. When in doubt, go with an address that includes just your name, such as suesmith@mail.com.
  • Wax eloquent. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t have time to read paragraphs, so we recommend using bullet points focusing on accomplishments more so than duties.
  • Boast about high school superlatives. Those titles you received for “best-dressed” or “coolest car” aren’t the types of things employers are looking for on your resume. Content needs to be relevant and timely.
  • Use your resume to showcase skills with WordArt and similar tools. Since more employers are using technology to review your information, there’s really no point in jazzing your resume up. If anything, it may make it harder to find the relevant information that is there.
  • Forget to spell check and have another pair of eyes read your resume. In addition to spelling, grammar should always be audited for correct subject-verb agreement and word use.
  • Overly embellish. Whatever you state as your experience and qualifications can be questioned during your interview. If you don’t have the stuff to back it up, don’t list it.
  • Include personal information. In most circumstances, identifying information such as race, age, weight, height, social security number or social affiliations should not be listed.

These are some things we’ve seen that don’t usually work out too well for job seekers. Next week, we’ll share some ideas about what you should do when writing your cover letter.

For more information about what we do at ITAC and how we can help you with your job search, please visit the “Why ITAC” portion of our website.

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