The ABCs of making a good first impression

Whether you are a first-time jobseeker or simply looking to change employers, the impression you make when meeting with a staffing firm recruiter is critical. Because you only get one first impression, spend as much time preparing for the interview with your staffing professional as you would with any other employer. But don’t panic! Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Dress in a professional manner. This may seem obvious, but many people in the workforce today underestimate their choice of clothing. Look for understated colors and patterns, and make sure your clothes are always clean, pressed and conservative.
  • Bring copies of your resume and references, along with documentation to establish your identity and work eligibility, certifications, transcripts, etc. It never hurts to have all items on hand if needed. This helps make sure your application gets processed in a timely fashion.
  • Ask your recruiter about any computer testing that may be done and if you could complete it before your meeting. If testing is done as part of your interview, practice in advance and plan to spend some extra time at the staffing firm to complete the tests.
  • Know your resume and reference details when asked. If you have to review your own resume to answer questions about yourself, then you may appear unprepared.

Once you’ve decided to seek out a staffing professional, make and keep your designated appointment, just as you would for any potential employer. This will clearly show the agency that you are serious about your job search and eager for the assistance they can offer you.

For more about staffing firms, and more about ITAC specifically, please check out the “Why ITAC” portion of our website.

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