How Staffing Firms Can Help With Your Hiring Needs

What are some of the first steps an employer should take when starting a search for the right candidate? Evaluate these guidelines to efficiently streamline the hiring process:

  • Clearly define the job description with duties, responsibilities, requirements, education level, etc. Aside from the things you’d find within the job description, also consider the personality and soft skills needed by someone to be successful in the role. Offering as much information as possible will draw in the candidates you seek.
  • Make sure the salary, benefits and bonus plans offered are in line with the company’s budget and are comparable to plans for other employees in similar roles.
  • Allow for some flexibility in terms of requirements, salary, hours worked, etc. What if you find the perfect candidate, but his/her résumé is missing a key element? You should be prepared to address which of these elements are “must-haves” versus those which are “nice to haves.”

Still not sure where to begin? This is where a professional staffing firm can help you with their resources. A reputable staffing firm has spent a great deal of time learning the nuances of specific industries, occupations and markets, having excelled at building relationships with key executives within those areas.  They cultivate these relationships and may even know when people are restless in their current position.

While finding top talent isn’t as easy for everyone as “just add water,” you can rest assured when you partner with the most experienced firm that your staffing headaches are over. You can expect to gain:

  • Access—Many of the best candidates haven’t placed their résumé on the web and are cautious about simply responding to your ad, especially if they are currently working. Firms offer access to vetted candidates who aren’t advertising their interest in making a change.
  • Savings—Putting ads together, responding to inquiries, reviewing and vetting candidates requires a lot of time, money and lost opportunity for you to focus on your business.
  • Relief— Trying to find the right candidate can cause stress when you consider creating and placing job advertisements, sorting through all the applications, running background checks on candidates, making offers, negotiating offers and running the employment gamut on the legal side. Tired yet?

For more about staffing firms, and more about ITAC specifically, please check out the “Why ITAC” portion of our website.

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