Top 3 Ways Staffing Firms Can Make Your Job Search a Success

As a job seeker, it can be intimidating to contact someone for help in your search.  However, staffing firms offer unique benefits beyond searching for job openings on your own.  Here a few things to consider:

1)      Reputation—when you reach out to a firm that’s connected in the city and industry where you want to work, you will be gaining valuable connections associated with their professional reputation.

2)      Access—since some companies don’t publicize their jobs and lack the resources it would take to sift through the thousands of résumés that come through their inboxes, a staffing firm can present access to job postings and opportunities that might not otherwise be attainable.

3)      Expertise—by working with a staffing firm, your representative will get to know the soft skills and traits you couldn’t fit on your résumé, as well as your professional goals. This means they will be acting on your behalf as they present a more complete picture of you as a candidate to their clients (saving you time and money) in order to help you find your next career.

Most importantly: when you start your job search, the best imaginable idea in your mind might be to get your résumé in front of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.  If you send your résumé to every staffing firm and/or employer especially if they are all closely related, it can result in conflicts. These include:

1)      You’re not developing a relationship with anyone by doing this.

2)      People are less likely to take you seriously when your résumé is coming to them from multiple sources.

3)      This makes it look like you are just applying for any and every job that is available.

Now that you understand the benefits of utilizing the skills of a staffing firm, you’re already ahead of the game. For more about staffing firms, and more about ITAC, please check out the “Why ITAC” portion of our website.

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