Using mobile apps to attract talent

Hiring is on some sort of evolutionary fast track equivalent to morphing Fred Flintstone into George Jetson. What once only 20 years ago was paper resumes through the mail, moved into faxing, then email, and now? Mobile devices, of course.

According to a Human Resources iQ blog, Strategy Analytics released a study in early 2011 suggesting the number of people using the mobile internet has quadrupled in the U.S. A British recruiter, Jobsite, reported those accessing its site via mobile phone rose an astonishing 200%, and they receive 8% of their applications through mobile devices now as well.

Build it, and they will come. Just like with websites, the time has come for recruiters and companies seeking that talent pool most attuned to mobile devices to become accessible through these latest gadgets, or miss out.

Creating a custom app for reviewing jobs and submitting resumes is another matter though, and perhaps a layer not worth the investment. Everything depends on what demographic of talent you wish to attract.

But considering that elementary school kids now use iPads and smart phones rule the high schools, the future of mobile devices in recruitment is assured. At least until the next communication gadget reveals itself. The denial yell of “Jane, get me off this crazy thing!” is no longer an option in this newest evolutionary phase of hiring.

To read the Human Resources iQ blog on mobile devices and recruitment, click here.

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